We build a bridge from East to West

Highlighting the stories of Asian pioneers across the world and providing insights into Asia. We cover technological, scientific and cultural innovation occurring in Asia. We hope to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures in a meaningful way.

Asian Pioneers explore, document, celebrate and ultimately give a voice to those who are truly here to change the world.

Over 4.5 billion people live in the fragmented region of Asia, and in thriving diaspora communities across the world. Yet, we lack insights into the lives of the people living in this region. Stories which transcend cultural and geographic boundaries contribute to a greater understanding of those in the region, and a deeper understanding of ourselves. We focus on universal stories of pioneers who are driven, risk-taking and innovative. These individuals also seek to bring their local and international communities closer to each other.

Surrounding these stories are also rapidly changing environments. We aim to bring insights about Asia by covering the technological, scientific and cultural innovation occurring in the region. We are particularly interested in promoting stories that focus on global issues that affect humanity-at-large such as climate change, artificial intelligence, epidemics and other existential risks.

Asian Pioneers aims to be the platform that shines a light on the brave individuals who forge their own path, making the world a better place along the way. We provide an opportunity for these pioneers to have their stories told, and to connect them to a global community with an interest in Asia.

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For those interested in reaching our team to provide feedback or interested in contributing to Asian Pioneers, please email us at:

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