We build a bridge from East to West

At Asian Pioneers, we seek to highlight the stories of Asian pioneer across the world, particularly in Asia. We hope to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures in a meaningful way.

The growth and presence of Asia and the Asian diaspora is undeniable, and Asian Pioneers was created in response with a clear goal in mind – to explore, document, celebrate and ultimately give a voice to those who are truly here to change the world.
Local and diaspora Asian communities are thriving in their chosen fields, whether it be in their own native countries or as the descendants of immigrants who chose to make their mark on new and untested soil. In recent times we have seen the first all Asian cast to grace Hollywood screens in 25 years, the rise of Asian technological giants and marketing titans, and leaders stepping up in fields such as human rights, environmental impact, and politics.
Asian Pioneers aims to be the platform that shines a light on these individuals; to offer an opportunity to have their stories told and to connect with the wider Asian community as new paths are forged.


Rachel - Editor-in-Chief

Rachel provides guardianship to Asian Pioneers. She is responsible for overall business and editorial strategy. Rachel enjoys musing on Eastern philosophy, history, public policy and technological innovation.

Denis - Editor

Denis is responsible for our journalism content. He is passionate about cultivating links between technologies and human capital, mainly how innovation can boost global collaboration between the East and West.

Albert - Growth

Albert is responsible for growth at Asian Pioneers. He is passionate about technological developments occurring in Asia and how it could transform the world in this century.

Linh - Community

Linh is responsible for community and special projects. She is passionate about building communities of talented Asian who are leaders in their fields so they can support each other and make a positive impact on the world.

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